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What is Complexity?

Making sense of the whole as more than the sum of its parts.

Complex systems are made up of components, which interact with each other and their environment. Through layers and networks of interaction, novel information is created which makes it hard to predict the future behavior of the system. Studying components of these systems in isolation, without interaction, simply isn't enough information! Join us on our quest as we attempt to understand the relationship between these networks of interaction and the "emergent" properties they produce within important, real-world complex systems.

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Explore Complexity from Different Perspectives

Discover diverse and inclusive approaches to tackle global issues.

Complexity is an interdisciplinary and inclusive framework for studying, designing, and controlling complex system behavior, such as global pandemics, extreme weather events, electoral politics, economic recovery, and poverty. Many of the individuals and teams participating at our events continue collaborating to this day.

What Can You Expect During a Summit?

There are many ways to participate in a Summit cohort, and all of them are equally valid. Choose your own adventure! All modes of participation are welcome as we navigate our personal and team Complexity journeys together.

    April 2023 Summit Guides

    At Complexity Adventures events, Guides lead interactive sessions, mentor teams, share Complexity knowledge and experience, host impactful connections, introduce problem-solving frameworks and tooling, and ultimately help individuals and teams accomplish their goals.

    What people are saying about Complexity Adventures

    Since 2019, over 100 Guides have mentored over 750 Adventurers, with more than 50 teams emerging to work on complex issues together. Join this robust global community of Applied Complexity practitioners

    April 2023 Organizers

    Organizers are often in the background as Guides and Adventurers interact. Their mission is to create accessible environments and structures to encourage prosocial and productive interactions among community members, and to support Guides as much as possible.