Image of Sudebi Thakurata

Sudebi Thakurata

Associate Dean at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology; Co-Founder at Depicentre Consulting

Complex Systems ThinkingDesign-led InnovationRegenerative LeadershipNarrative DesignEducation

Sudebi is a meta-facilitator, futurist, educator, and a designer of learning, narratives, and regenerative leadership. She designs experiences, engagement, and environment that allow people to think, have dialogue, make their thinking and interaction visible, and enable them to design their own solutions and narratives using different modes and media. Sudebi has co-founded a design collective, Depicentre, and started a unique pedagogy-, art-, and design-led trans-local initiative, “The Archival City - a site of learning”.